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VAT Fraud

Frequently asked questions

How tax robot works?

Tax Robot automatically checks your business partner across public databases, indicates risks and provides action points to tackle these risks. All of it is securely saved in your system for the time tax diligently researched your supply chain.

Where do you get risks that the system checks against?

First we use government provided risk identification sheets. They vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but all of them have limited information. That is we researched thousands of court decision across European Union to identify and rank all of the risk you might meet. Each risk is graded according to probability and potential impact, therefore you will always get action to points as close to reality as possible.

What is action points?

Action points, or suggestion actions are list of things to for each partner either to limit the risk of find justification for risk identified. Not all the things are the same and not all things look as they are, therefore Tax Robot provides detailed actions points to ensure you do not expose yourself to tax risk.

How is system automated?

Tax Robot periodically and automatically checks your business partners across EU databases, enterprise register data, public data and reputation and delivers real time alerts and action list so you can concentrate on your business.

Available to all 28 EU member statesReactSoon available in United Arab Emirates
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